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Saturday, December 09, 2006

Wii Hackers Scammed by Wii Linux Project?

Tuxido, the owner of wiili.org has gone missing with over $450 of donations.

Wiili, a project to get Linux running on the Nintendo Wii Game Console, has been mentioned several times over the last few months on digg.com and Slashdot. Not being able to withstand the influx of traffic, their servers started to give, and the site started going down a lot. Donations were being collected to help pay for a new dedicated server through a service called ChipIn. As of Wednesday of this past week, the wiili server and all of it's files disappeared off the internet.

WiiLi was also the keeper of lots of hardware information about the Nintendo Wii which hackers have been compiling since it's release. This information is no longer accessible and it's slowing down progress of the Wii Modding community. Some of the wiki information has been recovered and reposted to another wiki. If you have a cached copy of the other information that is missing please post it there.

For other wii hack forums you can check out WiiModWii and other sites listed on the left sidebar of this page, or just let me scan the forums and post what new right here, on this site, as it's happening. BTW, Have you bookmarked this site yet?

The current status of WiiLi is unknown, the webmaster is gone, the site is down, and nobody knows if he cashed out the donations from ChipIn. He could be sick, on vacation, lost in the woods, taken out back by some thugs from Nintendo, who knows... But for now any attempts to access with wiili website result in a 'Index of /' page with no files in it. If anyone has information on how to find Tuxido, please post to this thread or come to IRC channel: #wiili on irc.freenode.net

UPDATE: Tuxido is back!

Looks like the site will be back up by Monday on it's dedicated server. Here is what has been posted on the server:

  • We are now on a dedicated server at hivelocity.com. I'll post details of the server setup on the forums as soon as they are back online. I'm moving the DB now.
  • This is going to be a long night but I won't leave my computer until everything is back to normal. Thanks for your support.
  • Please keep secret the IP until everything is working. And please all the folks saying I ran away with donations, clean up what you did.
  • Contrary to rumors, apparently Tuxido didn't steal the donations, get beaten up by Nintendo thugs, or have an accident. Yay!
  • A few things are still broken, please post any bugs on the forum.
  • The site will go back live with it's domain this Monday.
  • I'm cleaning all the vandalism and improving security on the server.
  • Sorry it took so long (security), we are now into a dedicated server.
Glad to hear everything is ok, and WiiLi will be back soon!


J said...

if you google some of the dead wiili links you can view googles cached pages.

for example search for wiili.org and you can get to here
try to open the dead links, they will fail, but you then copy the url and paste it in google, search, view cache, and repeat. you can get quite a bit this way. hope this helps.

Justin said...

i kinda assumed this kinda thing would happen, and i would have donated after i found out for sure it would help the wii linux roject, so i waited to see if he would do anything with it, and no... this could be the end, and it was some big scam. oh well, we got some good info(like wiimote on windows.. not really from that site, but the traffic probably supported it)

Nicholas said...


this is still up and though i do not know which language this is maybe we could translate. Is tuxido still contactable through this site?

J said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
LiquidIce said...

Tux also owns www.vozip.net which is also down. Maybe he is just having server/internet problems?

ljvw said...

Yeah, but he could let us now right?

Blueflamekai said...

He's just switching server don't worry.

Da Foxx said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Da Foxx said...

WiiLi = We Lie

I don't think it takes that long to switch servers.... :|

Chris said...

if you put wiili into google, then the first link had its description explain that the site was down while they sorted the servers out. However, google has reindex the page today, so this message has dissappeared. I do hope this is true, as it was building a great community.

Esteban said... , don't share it yet, Still cleaning all the vandalism.

Esteban said...

LuquidIce, mind re-estating your current post?

DavidR said...

wow...just wow...Tuxido came to the #wiili channel, but when pressed to explain himself, he flipped out. He hides behind an anonymous IRC proxy, also the owner of the domain name is hidden.

He refused to answer simple straight questions about the money he recieved, and finally stormed out of the channel, threatening to start a new channel and take all his loyal followers there.

Can't wait to see how this turns out...

Lord said...

The Official WiiLi IRC channel is now up and running, and so is the site/forums.

irc.blitzed.org #wiili

There was no scam.


Shihan said...

wiili.org is back up, no scam.

Sunny said...

i was on wiili this morning (12/10/06 10:30 EST), no problems. You guys have to relax a bit.

Andrew said...

Tuxido is a good person, he would never scam any amount of money. Anyone accusing him of such should feel greatly ashamed.

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