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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

GlovePIE Initial Support For Nunchuk

Carl Kenner is at it again! He has updated his GlovePIE software to support the Nunchuk. On the WiiLi forums he writes:

Ok, GlovePIE 0.27 is now uploaded. It has full nunchuk support, except it has no calibration.

Hopefully it works on Wiimotes and Nunchuks other than my own, because the Nunchuk data was in a rather weird format with lots of bits needing to be reversed. I'm hoping that is consistant behaviour, not just my device.

See the modified TestWiimote.PIE file which is included.

NOTE: There is NO classic controller support yet! I don't own a classic controller, and there was nothing on the Wiki about it. BUT you may be able to work out how to access Classic Controller buttons based on the values in Wiimote.Nunchuk.Byte0 to Wiimote.Nunchuk.Byte15. Note that some of the bits are probably backwards for classic controller too.

Also remember that since version 0.26 other adapters should now work if you access the TroubleShooter > Bluetooth Fix menu.

Download the latest GlovePIE version .27 from the Official GlovePIE website


James said...

Is anybody else surprised Carl had time for these updates with the conference he was so busy attending? Seriously, what's with the disclaimer he has spammed all over his site? I appreciate that people can have their political views, but I don't think you need to be smarmy about it. It's one thing to disagree with a policy or political position, but it's another to take it out on the grunts in the military or the people just trying to live their lives in e.g. Israel. WTF is his deal?

Tim said...

I am even more enthused to use glovepie after learning (according to you, James) its creator recognises Israel's actions to be violent and criminal.

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